Ambition without drive is the illusion of success.
— Me

Being in love with the art of cinema from a very young age, Tiffany Kim Stevens started her directing career when she attended the University of Southern California. Having grown up in Hong Kong, San Francisco and Aix-En-Provence, her global outlook and perspective has curated a unique style of filmmaking which pertains to a worldly audience. Her fluency in English and French has further mastered her critical study of films in both languages along with a keen interest in the history and craft of American, European and Asian cinema.


She is a director well known for her festival selected works such as Irresponsible (2019 and Blue Milk (2018) both with releases on Amazon Prime Video; along with Pay Attention (2017) and Plastic Ankles (2016), all of which have been screened at LA Live and the TCL Chinese Theatres in Los Angeles. More specifically, she curates the surrealist and absurdist style whilst maintaining commercial appeal.

Writing about yourself in the third person is very strange.